Miami Based Telecom Distributor.

About Us

What We Do

Telex Corp is a premier global platform where wholesalers, retailers, repair shops, and smaller distributors can buy new and used cell phones wholesale. Before building Telex Corp, we spent almost two decades building a reputation as the most reliable cell phone wholesale distributor in the USA. Because of the relationships cultivated for over a decade, we are now able to not only source inventory directly from carriers, manufacturers, and big box retailers.

While we understand that a steady supply of used iPhone, Samsung, and other Android devices are key to your business, as veterans of the industry, we are also well aware of the challenges that come along with inconsistent testing and grading. We strive to differentiate ourselves through transparency and consistency. When you buy from us, you know what you are getting, regardless of which stock you select.


Inventory Sourcing and Quality Control

We understand that every cell phone distributor, retailer, and repair shop, depends on consistent supply.That's why we have designed two different inventory streams to ensure that we always have the stock you need.

Regardless of which inventory source you choose, you will work with the same team of dedicated sales and customer service staff to ensure that your experience is seamless.

Our Story

Our story began in 2018, when our executive team used its combined expertise to plant our roots in the wireless industry. We slowly began building on existing customer and vendors relationships, which opened doors to new opportunities and propelled us to grow rapidly.

Our Mission

To provide wireless solutions and integrated services to wireless carriers, retailers and enterprises. By combining our solid experience in the wireless industry and our dynamic product portfolio, we ensure that our customers have the best products, at ideal prices and in the right timeframe.

Why Us

Manufacturers need a distributor that offers not only their products, but also the following solutions

-Local demand generation
-Product certification & homologation
-Supply chain management
-Customer service, technical and after sales support