Miami Based Telecom Distributor.


Our Services

TELEX prides itself in consistency of Grading and Functionality Testing. Every unit that we sell has been data wiped, sanitized, tested* and placed in a special bubble bag to ensure you get the product the way it leaves our facility. Our grading and testing team’s consistency makes our product uniform every single order.

Our state of the art lab ensures that our grading team has all the tools necessary to maintain quality every order.

Wholesale Distribution

Our reach spans six continents. Whatever your role in the consumer electronics industry is, we are here to complement your business model. We buy in bulk, we sell in bulk, and we adapt to market volatility.


Our value to retailers revolves around three key areas: recovering trade-ins, liquidating overstock, and replenishing inventory. We worry about the back-end work, so our retail partners focus on their customers.

B2B Fulfillment

Enterprise mobility doesn't have to be complicated.Our infrastructure is built for quickly processing devices and our global sales channels mean your organization will receive maximum asset value in the fastest time possible.


We help schools and universities with their asset recovery and asset refresh through solid planning and delivering on expectations set in RFPs and RFQs.